Girls! Don't lift weights, you will become hench.

"Are you absolutely sure I won't get huge by doing this single set of tricep kickbacks with a 2kg dumbell?". I thought by now this kind of talk would be a thing of the past, however, it's still circulating amongst gym goers.  Every single week I hear a similar question in reference to weight training. Admittedly, it's often by you girls, but it's not uncommon for the odd guy to have the same opinion. As bodybuilding is a little1990, we all now want lean, toned arms - and not like Arnie's before he turned 100 years old. 

I may now upset some of you 'cardio junkies' with what I'm about to say, but here goes. Weight training correctly will actually help you lose body fat and give you those tight, non-dinner lady arms you frustratingly attend 'pump class' four times per week in pursuit of. No offence dinner ladies, it's great to be famous for something. Not only will regular weight training tighten and reduce the size of your arms, but it will also reduce the size of your legs, bum and belly too - what the F? 

Focusing on larger body movement such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, woodchops, etc. will increase your metabolism and keep it elevated for long after your workout finishes, potentially up to 36 hours depending on the intensity. Compare that to a 60 minute spin class where you may burn more calories according to your Fit Bit, however your metabolism drops much sooner after the workout finishes. Also, by activating your muscles through weight training and having more active muscle tissue, this increases your metabolism permanently, which means you burn more calories - even at rest. More calories burned, more body fat lost, more body toned. Yes please! And believe me, you will not become a monster. Most of us 'muscle hungry' men will tell you, it is not that easy. 

So girls, replace the cross trainer for a personal trainer and hit the weights room.

Written by Evan Beales



evan beales