Christian got his life back.

I went for Physiotherapy treatment every 2 weeks, tried 3 different Physiotherapists and also used the NHS for a short while in the hope to find the best care. I had a bad back for 2½  years. Some of the treatments felt like they had no benefit, or eased the pain for a few days. After what seemed like a life time trying to find helpful treatments, I had given up and accepted that I would just have to live with a bad back. I decided I had nothing to lose, so went to see if Evan could help. He advised a complete plan that he altered as my posture and core strength improved.  I can tell you first hand, Evan’s exercise and nutritional plan simply changed my life. After three and a half months, I simply couldn’t believe it. I could now turn over in bed and was regaining confidence in my life. I was coming out of depression.  It was truly amazing.  It’s now 2 years on since my first session with Evan. I feel great. I have now moved to Cornwall, I cycle, surf, have a physical job again and I am once again enjoying my life.