We are now a few weeks into 2017, and if you're being completely honest with yourself, are you happy with the way your year has started in regards to your health? Exercise and diet are two of the most common New Year resolutions, but often they don't promote happiness, more like misery and deprivation. Making them near on impossible to stick to.

What would you say if we were to tell you that you can smash your health and fitness goals, and feel energised, happy and fulfilled at the same time? You see, these goals are highly achievable, the problem is the wrong approach is almost always taken. 

We are taking just 10 ladies through an intensive 8 week transformation so we can empower you with confidence, tighten and tone your body, and improve your state of mind.   

We specialise in working with people who are motivated to change but just struggle to break through with their fitness, health and body shape goals. 

This is for a particular type of person: Not for moaners, whiners or complainers, or people who aren't prepared to put their excuses behind them to get in the shape they want.


Are you highly motivated yet frustrated with the lack of results you're experiencing? 

Are you currently training two to three times per week but not seeing the seeing the benefits you desire?

Are you ready to be given 100% direction with your food and exercise?


Are you ready to experience greater results in the next 8 weeks than you have in the last 12 months?