Gaylia Kristensen Drèam - Renew, Lift, Prevent

Gaylia Kristensen Drèam - Renew, Lift, Prevent


Drèam is an exquisite, anti-ageing treatment cream that fights all the visible signs of ageing.

Suitable for all skin types, Drèam is not just a moisturiser. It is a luxurious, cosmetic treatment with a revolutionary polypeptide Youth Complex that seems to visibly sweep away lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a stunning new, more lifted, toned, look and feel.

Drèam features some remarkable new technology, including Poly Radical Scavenging, a new molecular innovation that actively helps prevent visible signs of premature ageing by protecting your skin from noxious Reactive Species.

Perfect for travelling Drèam also features new protein technology that helps re-balance moisture levels in the skin under extreme, fluctuating, climatic conditions.

Light and quickly absorbed Drèam has been specifically designed for use with Gaylia Serums. The results when used together are outstanding. Your skin will instantly feel tighter, lifted, younger.

This is the Cream of your Dreams.

Drèam is recommended for use on 40yrs and under.

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