I have progressed so much in the last four weeks. I am now pain-free and have a new outlook on life.
— Paul High

why paradox personal training?

Paradox offers a personal training service that is like no other in East Anglia. The exercise. The diet. The lifestyle support. The motivation. The results. These are what you can expect from Paradox. Our experience lies in one-to-one training and lifestyle coaching. By using a unique holistic approach we construct individualised lifestyle management programmes, ensuring you take the right path to reach your maximum potential. We all have different goals, and no matter what they are, we make it our goal to achieve them together. 

Take a look and see exactly what you receive. 



The assessment is where it all begins. To get the absolute best results, we need to establish exactly where you are before any programme is designed. We do this by carrying out a detailed assessment that includes; postural analysis, spine, rib and pelvis measurements, core function tests, flexibility and muscle imbalance tests, plus, particular body statistics which apply to your goals.



Examining in detail your current lifestyle habits is another part of our uniqueness at Paradox. Getting an insight into many aspects of your life, such as; diet, exercise, sleep, stress and digestion is essential for painting a clear picture of your current health and wellbeing. Plus, we get to the heart of your ambitions and why they are so important to you.  


exercise plan

Once we have completed the assessment and questionnaires, we are then ready to design you the ultimate exercise plan, which can be accessed online or through our app, making it easy for you to use wherever you are. The programme includes precise details on everything you need to know, such as; sets, reps, weights, intensity, rest, tempo and time. Plus descriptions of all the exercises, and you can even watch a video to make sure you are performing the movements correctly. While you have your workout, you can input what you're doing, so we can track your progress, and you can stay motivated.


diet plan

It takes more than the ultimate exercise programme to experience extraordinary results, diet is a little bit important too. And when we say a little bit, we mean a lot, in fact, diet is nearly everything. For so many of us, finding a diet that works and can fit in with your life is near on impossible - until now! Together, by carefully monitoring how you look, feel and perform, we construct the perfect diet for you.  



When it comes to your nutrition and exercise, frequent changes have to take place for maximum results. As you change, so does your programme. Making alterations according to how your body responds is what makes us even more incomparable in our approach. This is also vital for keeping things interesting and maintaining motivation and excitement throughout.


The Trainer

Our trainer, Evan Beales, combines nearly two decades of experience with an intense passion for health, fitness and wellbeing. His ability to connect with every client and find what works for them is one of his special qualities. Evan’s attention to detail when it comes to exercise and diet has led him to success after success with countless clients throughout his career.