Evan taught me about nutrition, lifting technique and how to stretch. Everything I needed to know to take care of myself.
— Samantha O'Hara

why is paradox so special?

Paradox was originated by us, Evan Beales and Wallis Hubble. We are life and business partners, and both live for health and wellbeing. With over a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry, running a large health club and working with hundreds of clients, we recognised a huge problem - results were few and far between. And often, people went backwards.

Feeling and looking incredible is very achievable and involves little hardship, providing the right approach is taken. This is our niche; creating an environment where every single client experiences real, life-changing results. A space where we can educate, teach and support people to move, look and feel better. A place where we can offer the most effective personal training, proven nutritional and lifestyle programmes, luxurious beauty treatments and products, along with the healthiest supplements you can get your hands on.

Combine it all with our love for fashion and interior design, and you have it, Paradox.